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Your donation can make a difference!

With your support, we can continue to protect the biodiversity of the Mediterranean and reintroduce species that have disappeared. Every contribution, large or small, is critical to our work.

Species Protection

Your donations help us protect rare and endangered animal species.

Reintroduction into the territory

Support our reintroduction projects of extinct species in the Sicilian territory.

Scientific Research

Support scientific research that increases knowledge about Mediterranean wildlife.

Impact of Donations:

The donations we receive have a direct and positive impact on our work. Thanks to your support, we have reintroduced species such as the griffon vulture and vulture vulture to their natural habitat. Every euro donated is used to fund conservation, research and education projects.

How to Donate

Make a donation by bank transfer using the following information

Bank transfer made out to:
Fondazione Internazionale Biodiversità del Mediterraneo

IBAN: IT50I0103004600000002747081
Cause: Donation

How can I make a donation?

You can make a donation by bank transfer using the information provided above.

Are donations deductible?

Yes, all donations are deductible according to current regulations.

How will my donations be used?

Your donations will be used to fund our biodiversity conservation projects, reintroduction of disappeared animal species, and educational and outreach activities. Every contribution helps support our efforts to protect the Mediterranean ecosystem.

Are there other ways to support the Foundation besides monetary donations?

Yes, there are many ways to support us besides monetary donations. You can become a volunteer, attend our events, share our mission on social media, or donate goods and services. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Support Our Mission

Make a Donation

With your contribution, we can protect Mediterranean biodiversity and reintroduce vanished species. Every donation makes a difference!