Foundation Conference on Reintroductions.

In January 2024 (Jan. 19-20) the Foundation organized the conference ‘Rewilding in Sicily, reintroductions and repopulations: status, problems, prospects. The program was quite packed, but very interesting. The list of communications follows.

January 19, 2024

Salvatore Seminara, President of the Fondazione Internazionale Biodiversità del Mediterraneo Extraordinary Commissioner IZS Sicily.


  • Regional Minister of Territory and Environment of the Sicilian Region
  • Regional Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Mediterranean Fishing
  • Salvatore Caltagirone – Extraordinary Commissioner of the Madonie Park Authority
  • Giovanni Cavallaro – Extraordinary Commissioner of the Nebrodi Park Authority


Chairman Annalisa Guercio, Head of the Diagnostic Activities Department IZS Sicily, President of Rotary Club Palermo Libertà


  • Extinct and endangered animals in Sicily; ecological motivations for reintroductions and repopulations. Bruno Massa, University of Palermo.
  • The experience of GREFA in reintroduction and repopulation projects. Ernesto Xusto, President of GREFA (Group for Rehabilitation of Native Fauna and its Habitat)
  • The Griffon Vulture in Italy and the European Rewilding Network Annalisa Brucoli, Ardea Association
  • The Griffon Vulture in Sardinia: the experience of restocking and farm feeding stations. Antonio Casulla, Director of Forestas Agency; Fiammetta Berlinguer, University of Sassari
  • Experiences in the conservation of the Egyptian Vulture in Italy. Guido Ceccolini, CERM Association Center for Threatened Raptors, Biodiversity s.a.s.
  • Historical data and status of the Egyptian Vulture in Sicily; conservation actions. Salvatore Seminara, Antonio Spinnato, IZS Sicily
  • The Griffon Vulture in Sicily; a growing population. Antonio Spinnato, Annalisa Guercio, IZS Sicily Chairman Salvatore Seminara
  • The experience of the reintroduction of the Bearded Vulture in the Alps Fulvio Genero, Vulture Conservation Foundation Italy
  • The experience in the conservation of the Red Kite in Italy Anna Cenerini, CERM Association Center for Threatened Raptors, Biodiversity s.a.s.
  • The reintroduction of the Purple Swamphen in Sicily; a growing population Alessandro Andreotti, ISPRA; Renzo Ientile, University of Catania.
  • Interventions for the reintroduction of the Francolin in Sicily. Selection of sample areas and planned interventions. Bruno Massa, University of Palermo
  • Historical reconstruction of the three extinct Woodpecker species in Sicily and the possibility of reintroduction Tommaso La Mantia, University of Palermo
  • Rewilding and community culture Salvatore Bondì, Rewild Sicily Collective
  • Roundtable: Reintroductions and repopulations in Sicily; what perspectives? Salvatore Seminara with the participation of all speakers.

January 20, 2024

  • Excursion by bus in the Madonie
  • Visit to the intervention areas for the reintroduction of the Griffon Vultures and the repopulation of the Egyptian Vulture in the Madonie.

The proceedings of the conference are expected to be published by summer 2024.